Empowering all women

MWAF advocates for all women who work in the agriculture and food industry, with a strong focus on those who are underrepresented.

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Now is the time for change

Not only do we advocate for women in agriculture and food, we push for diversity, equity and inclusion. We work hard to serve all members, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender identity, age or language. Whether you are an Indigenous woman, new Canadian, fourth-generation farmer or entrepreneur, MWAF is committed to closing the gender gap in our industry. In doing so, we strengthen our local economy.

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Strength through innovation

In addition to our advocacy for women, we also support industry stakeholders in developing diversity, equity and inclusion policies in their organizations. These stakeholders include companies, non-profits, government, educational and financial institutions.

Our niche services are specifically designed to support their efforts to engage more women as employees, foster their career progression and establish business connections with women entrepreneurs and business owners as partners for growth.