Women in Agribusiness


Women making a difference

For entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food industries, we know that what you do is much more than a business – it’s a lifestyle that makes a difference. Below we have spotlighted several inspiring women who own or have partnered with others in Canada’s agribusiness sectors. We applaud their courage and leadership and invite you to learn more about them below.

Touch of Equine

Touch of Equine is my gestalt coaching practice that operates at Farm Away, the farm vacation stay that my sister and business partner runs a few miles from our home farms. In simple terms, gestalt means wholeness or flowing into form. Gestalt is very experiential and clients find the process to be therapeutic in nature. This methodology flows beautifully with nature and the horses who support the clients in their healing journey. The horses are deeply connected to our humanity and are natural Gestaltists. They see deeply into our souls and their hearts can reach places we ourselves do not know how to find. If you feel called to feeding your soul, indulging your curiosity and creating a vision for your future that excites you, reach out. The herd and I would love to hear from you!
Tracy Wood.
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Farm Away Retreat

Farm Away is the result of the love of Agriculture that we share. Our vision is to provide a peaceful venue in the country to allow families to stay and experience agriculture. We offer tours of our neighboring sheep and cattle farms to stimulate conversations around agriculture and the importance of knowing where your food comes from. Our large 5+ bedroom home and surrounding grounds allow for large families to gather and stay. We are also host to small wedding ceremonies, retreats and businesses looking for a quiet spot for team building.  We offer whole house rentals as well as rentals by the room.
Taralea Simpson.

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Plett Cattle + Performance Horses

“My husband and I raise grass-fed Longhorn and Commercial Beef in the Grunthal area. We offer Longhorn Prime Beef year-round. One of my passions is growing my connection to these majestic creatures, horses. I want to know them and know them well. This passion turns into sharing what I know to help human and horse live in harmony. Nothing is more awesome than seeing a horse and rider do what they love together. I believe we were created for the horse, and the horse was created for us to enjoy. Learn more.

L2 Marketing

Laura La Palme – the L2 – of L2 Marketing tackles any project with an approachable, respectful and positive leadership style. With a career spanning over 20 years in Marketing and Public Relations, Laura has worked in fast-paced, dynamic marketing departments and with non-profits and committees. A strong event planner, public speaker and partnership builder, Laura can deliver on promoting her clients and building alliances with traditional and non-traditional partners. She networks on her client’s behalf with government, business and community members to expand the organization’s reach. Learn more.

Sawmill Creek Livestock

Sawmill Creek Livestock is a cow-calf operation my husband Ryan and I started and now run full time. We raise commercial black Angus cattle and specialize in producing quality maternally-based black baldy replacement heifers. We have also added a band of production-based sheep to diversify and better utilize the land we have to work with. Learn more.

EI Advantage

Janice brings over two decades of experience in governance, corporate strategy, and organizational development. Her passion for capacity building in individuals and organizations led her to become an accredited executive coach. She has achieved the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through the International Coaching Federation. In addition to providing personal and professional coaching services, she offers her services as a Mentor Coach. Learn more.


Pamela Simmons, CFRE, Barrett CTT Consultant

Pamela knows how core values motivate people. With 30+ years in the non-profit sector, she is a coach, mentor and fundraising consultant. Her work with individuals in more than 65 organizations has deepened her understanding of what encourages people to be generous and values-driven. After working with several boards, both as a staff person and board member, she has discovered that one of the best motivators is understanding core values. She is an accredited fundraiser, a master trainer, founder of Coreniche Consulting Inc. and a certified Barrett Cultural Transformation Consultant. Learn more.


Suzan inherited her love of feeding people from her grandmother, an incredible woman who always made everyone around her feel special. Family parties were a veritable food fest between her grandmother and her aunties, and there was always a pot of delicious baked beans. Suzan learned about dietary restrictions at an early age to help her father manage health issues. Seeing how important nutritious meals were inspired a lifetime of cooking from scratch.

Suzan and her husband Andrew have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, a grandson, and two sons-in-law who love to eat! Her family has supported The Stak Co since its inception. From social media campaigns and accounting to helping out at farmers’ markets, they always find time to lend a helping hand. When she’s not busy running her business and keeping her finger on the pulse of the food industry, Suzan enjoys walks along the lake near their home in Winnipeg Beach. Learn more.

Forever Prairie

At Forever Prairie, we believe in quality, homegrown goodness. Using fresh, locally grown ingredients found in Manitoba, we create over 200 unique flavours of jams and preserves. Bringing the taste of the Prairies to your Kitchen, Home and Family! Follow Forever Prairie on Facebook.

Farmer’s Markets

Direct Farm Manitoba is the voice for the farmers’ market and small-scale farm sectors in Manitoba. A member-owned cooperative of direct marketing farmers and farmers’ markets, they support members to achieve fairness in our industry and maximize opportunities for economic sustainability. By helping our farms and farmers’ markets, Direct Farm Manitoba helps all Manitobans make better decisions about the food on their tables.

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