Our Services


Supporting your goals

Supporting women in agriculture and food is only one part of the work we do at MWAF. We’re also committed to supporting industry stakeholders to achieve their diversity, equality and inclusion goals. To that end, we offer the following industry services.

Recruitment Services

Job board
We offer a job board service where employers can purchase posting services to recruit high-fit candidates for their job vacancies.

Resume folder
Employers that purchase our job board service also have access to a folder with resumes from highly-qualified women who are looking for work. Employers must sign a confidentiality agreement and can access the folder only after purchasing the posting service.

Information sessions
We organize recruitment sessions for employers, either virtually or in person. Contact us to learn more. 

Psychometric testing

We offer psychometric testing that offers quantifiable insight into personality traits and helps rank candidates based on their likelihood to succeed in specific roles. When used appropriately as part of an overall recruiting strategy, psychometric testing is a powerful and objective tool for assessing a candidate’s potential for success, identifying potential leaders and building an HR pipeline.

Promotional Events

MWAF organizes events – such as breakfasts and luncheons – for organizations that want to communicate matters related to their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Services

Through our roster of consultants, MWAF delivers a variety of DEI services that include:

  • speakers on related DEI topics
  • training sessions
  • baseline DEI assessment
  • DEI program design, including targets and metrics and progress monitoring 
  • mentoring/coaching
  • webinars