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Valuing women’s unpaid work

by Angela Lovell When it comes to  a family farm or business, we have all heard the phrase that ‘fair isn’t necessarily equal’. It’s often applied to the farm transition process and the distribution...

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What is women’s work?

by Angela Lovell Women span the career spectrum in agriculture from hands-on farm owners and managers to the unpaid extra of pair of hands that runs to get parts or takes a turn checking the cows at...

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Talking Clearly

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone says something to you using an acronym or a term and you don’t know what they mean? We use acronyms and terms, and emojis on a daily basis but we need...

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One of the things we love to do the most at MWAF is share the inspiring stories of Canadian women involved in all aspects of the agriculture and food industry. We celebrate common values, a shared passion for the industry and a commitment to supporting each other's goals. You can also learn what our stakeholders are doing to support the advancement of women in our industry. Be sure to come back often.