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A Life in Parallel

A guest blog by Angela Lovell When you are a couple running a busy farm alone, while also raising four young children, there isn’t a lot of time left over to pursue other passions or hobbies in your...

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5 Ways to Grow Great Conversations

By April M. Stewart, Special MWAF Contributor   “In a dialogue nobody is trying to win. Everybody wins if anybody wins.” – author Maria Popova To have true dialogue, that is “an exchange of...

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The Big Impact of Small Moments

By April M. Stewart, Special MWAF Contributor   We’re constantly bombarded by information. It’s hard to look away. After all, we want to stay informed. We’re afraid of FOMO (Fear Of Missing...

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What’s your people plan?

By April M. Stewart, Special MWAF Contributor   To engage with people (in the online or real world) on the topics of food and farming sometimes requires nerves of Superman-proof steel and...

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What to do when conversations get tough

  By April M. Stewart, Special MWAF Contributor Farmers are no stranger to difficult conversations both online and off. Recognizing your ‘agitation’ cues and taking the time to prepare mentally...

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Are you reacting or responding?

By April M. Stewart, MWAF Special Contributor   How well people retain the messages and information you’re sharing with them all depends on how you present it. Stop for a moment and think about...

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