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Getting to know MWAF
September 26, 2022

Welcome to Manitoba Women in Agriculture & Food’s (MWAF), new website. While we may have a fresh, new look, our mission remains the same: to advance and support ALL women, including those from under-represented groups, in the Canadian agriculture and food sectors.

It’s a mission our volunteer-led organization takes seriously, because it’s important that MWAF, along with our members and industry partners, continues to support women, across all sectors of the industry, to be successful in their businesses or careers, and raise awareness about important DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) issues.

Although based in Manitoba, MWAF has members from and partners with businesses, organizations and groups across Canada who share its vision and mission.  So, what does MWAF do?

We connect employers and job seekers

MWAF’s Job Board is the most visited page on our website and is becoming the go-to for employers and women job seekers across the agri-food sector. That’s because we understand that businesses, small or large, family-owned or publicly traded, all have a common goal; to recruit the best people that they can. Employers want employees with appropriate skill sets and creative ideas, who share their passion for the agriculture and food sectors.

We can connect businesses to women seeking careers in agriculture who have diverse skills, aptitudes and perspectives that will add value to the company and help it be more successful.

Any business can post its job vacancies on MWAF’s Careers Board that offers posting packages to suit all needs and budgets. MWAF business members can also submit their announcements and news to the MWAF monthly e-newsletter, which is sent to all MWAF members.

We support women business owners

For women who are self-employed, or thinking about starting their own business, we offer business training, webinars and workshops focusing on skills like communications, problem-solving and leadership. Another valuable resource is AgChat, an interactive, online discussion forum with industry leaders and experts that helps women build their networks across the agri-food sector.

As an MWAF member, you will receive industry insights and news via our monthly e-newsletter that showcases current events, programs, funding opportunities and initiatives designed to help women start, advance or promote their own businesses.

By working with other industry partners, MWAF leverages more expertise to offer programs like a women’s business plan writing workshop. Through our collaboration with the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, and Farm Credit Canada, MWAF members can get a subsidized rate for the workshop.

We also help promote women-owned businesses in a number of ways; through listings on our Women in Agribusiness webpage and through events and tour opportunities.

We champion DEI

As part of our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, MWAF connects employers with women job seekers and service providers from all talent pools, and provides resources to help businesses reap the significant rewards that a diverse workforce can bring them.

We are anxious that the industry does not waste the human resource potential of people that are in diverse demographic groups.

We walk the walk

MWAF is successful in its initiatives because it is led by a dedicated group of volunteer women who have first-hand experience of what it is like to come to a new country and face the challenges of finding their way in an unfamiliar culture, geography and job market. That gives our board members a unique perspective that positions MWAF as an industry authority on women’s gender issues, diversity and inclusion.

Join us

Contact us about our membership options, Career Board job posting packages, or sponsorship and partnership opportunities so we can put our expertise to work for you whether you are a job seeker, woman business owner or employer.

One of the things we love to do the most at MWAF is share the inspiring stories of Canadian women involved in all aspects of the agriculture and food industry. We celebrate common values, a shared passion for the industry and a commitment to supporting each other's goals. You can also learn what our stakeholders are doing to support the advancement of women in our industry. Be sure to come back often.