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Organizations / Corporate Membership


For Organizations (Corporate), the Membership fee based on number of company staff.

  • Training and networking opportunities for staff (regardless of gender) though our professional development webinar series, professional development series and DEI services

  • Added lifestyle benefit for company employees

  • One free posting, “feature job” category (value: $1,500)

  • Opportunity to nominate person/company for MWAF’S Champions of Diversity program

  • Host events within MWAF’s platform

  • Logo and membership on our website

  • Space on website for relevant news in our newsletter

  • Announce partnership with MWAF

  • MWAF’s logo on your company’s newsletter and website (optional)

  • Retain MWAF for one speaking engagement/year at no charge

  • Opportunity to share your company’s opportunities with MWAF’s audience