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We’ve been honoured by Country Guide
January 1, 2022

We’ve been honoured by Country Guide with an article in their 2021 December issue!

The author, Angela Lovell, talks about barriers for women in ag, progress in diversity, equity and inclusion, why MWAF’s exists, its co-founders, Marijo Patino and Laura Lazo, and that MWAF works to advance ALL women in the sector. We are not a diversity group but we have embraced diversity in it’s whole extent and work for all women equally including those who are underrepresented, that work on-the farm and off-the farm in the ag and the agri-food and beverage processing, products and services sectors.

FCC sponsorship has been instrumental in our growth. They are also helping us fulfill our potential and expand our role to support organizations.

Country Guide interviewed us again, Jan 2022 issue:A question for women in 2022

The article focuses on perceptions about the gender gap, women in the meat sector and the push back.  

One of the things we love to do the most at MWAF is share the inspiring stories of Canadian women involved in all aspects of the agriculture and food industry. We celebrate common values, a shared passion for the industry and a commitment to supporting each other's goals. You can also learn what our stakeholders are doing to support the advancement of women in our industry. Be sure to come back often.